Frequently Asked Questions


How does Day by Day differ from other suchlike time management apps?

  1. It combines two Google services in one app: Calendar and Tasks.
  2. All app data is regularly synchronized with your Google account, so you can work using several different devices or using browser and Google web interface.
  3. Our app reflects all birthdays from your device address book. As a comparison, a default Calendar app on Android shows birthdays only if address book information is synchronized with web service Contacts.
  4. We offer more capabilities to customize recurring reminders. For example, you can set a reminder to go off every second Wednesday and Thursday. Such reminders can be synchronized to Google Calendar, but they are impossible to get set from Google web interface.
  5. The app has lots of color themes for interface and widget settings.

Tasks and Events. What is the difference?

Google provides two services close to each other: Calendar and Tasks. Our app has an access to both, that is why it is important to understand differences between them.

Calendar service lets you plan events, invite guests and set reminders. The event has date or date interval, start/end time. When creating an event you give it a name, you also can provide some details in notes, invite other participants, set one or several reminders. You can unite several events logically by attaching them to different calendars. For example, create Work Calendar and Personal Calendar. When creating a new event, attach it to any Calendar. You can create as many calendars as you want.

Tasks service is aimed to help you create a to-do list (list of tasks). Each task can have a description and be referred to a certain date. Date is an optional parameter for a task. Time is not determined. The service doesn’t allow settings of any reminders (we made it possible in our app). User can create several task lists, subdivide the tasks according to logics and their determination, by attaching the tasks to a certain task list. One more important feature: user can mark tasks as completed.

In what case I should make a new task? In what case I should make a new event?

First of all let us define the difference between task and event. Task can have no date at all. Even if it has date, there is no time determined. It is a must for an event to have a date, start and end time. This characteristics means that event is obligatory attached to a certain time. The event has no importance after time expires. Below you can see several typical events:

  • meeting;
  • flight;
  • cinema show.

There are typical tasks with similar meaning:

  • call a friend;
  • plan future vacation;
  • watch first movie by The Lumière Brothers.

Task still makes sense even if it expires. It’s never late to call a friend, future vacation can be planned a day later, you can watch the old movie as soon as you have time for that (if you have movie recorded, of course). It’s important not to forget about the tasks. That is why uncompleted tasks will always be seen in your app, and sooner or later you will complete them.

I added an event in Day by Day app, but cannot see it in Google web interface on my PC (

You already know that events are attached to calendars, right? For example, you have two calendars: Work and Personal. You can create work events in Work Calendar. Personal events should be created in Personal Calendar.

First of all, make sure that your device has the option “Synchronization with Calendar service” switched on. To do that you need to find option “Accounts and Sync” in phone settings, select Google account (add it, if necessary) and check that the option “Sync Calendar” is turned on.

If the option is turned on, the reason of no synchronization can be the following: some phone developers (HTC, Samsung) add their own default calendars to devices. It’s PC Sync for HTC and My Calendar for Samsung. Such calendars can be used on the device itself but they do not sync to Google account data. That’s why after you created a new event in our app or in a default calendar app and attached the event to such a calendar, you won’t be able to see the event on another device or in Calendar web interface.

Solution - don’t use default calendars, if you are planning to sync events with Google account. Attach your events only to calendars created in Google account.

One more thing you’ve got to know here - active calendars.

That's a system option. We just simplified access to this option and added it to our app. This option enables or disables calendars in your device (It means calendar visibility in other apps and reminder option in all apps including ours). To find it, go to left sliding menu -> Settings -> section Calendars -> active calendars.

As far as system calendar visibility was not enough for us, we added profiles. Even if all calendars are active, you can manage their visibility in profiles, that makes calendars management even more flexible.

Checkboxes by calendars in the right sliding menu determine visibility of calendars, task lists and birthdays in our app. (To open right sliding menu, slide from the right side of the screen (when the app is open) to the left).

After you checked everything mentioned above, go to the app settings -> Sync option (left sliding menu). That’s a force synchronization of calendars and task lists.

Right sliding menu and profiles.

In the right sliding menu you can manage your calendars, task lists and contacts' birthdays. Checkboxes by clendars determine visibility of calendars, task lists and birthdays in our app.

To open the right sliding menu, slide from the right side of the screen (when the app is open) to the left. Press pencil-icon button near CALENDARS group to manage calendars synchronization, rename calendars or set color. That's a system option, so it affects other calendar apps too.

We added profiles to the app in order to manage (show/hide) calendars. Different profiles can contain different sets of calendars.

I installed the app, want to set widget on the screen and cannot find it in the list.

  • It happens to some devices and is caused by incorrect launcher performance (e.g. HTC Sense). The easiest solution would be restart of your device. Widget will be visible in the list after restart. Or you can stop launcher app. As a rule, it will restart automatically.

Why every event has two notifications – one from Day by Day app, the other from a default calendar?

Our app uses the same database as well as a default calendar. When event reminder goes off, you can see our notification icon, so you can open a dialog box and postpone or turn off the reminder. The same function is fulfilled by an Android-based default calendar.

Android OS security restrictions do not allow app to change settings of another app. That is why our app cannot turn off the reminders of a default calendar app. Only user can change the settings.

If you want to turn off the default calendar reminders, choose option “Settings” in calendar menu, set “Off“ in the option “Customize reminders”.

It’s impossible to set reminders in Google Tasks, how did you manage to add this capability?

Yes, we cannot enhance Google service functionalities, as we would not be able to sync data to these services. That’s why we have chosen another way. When creating or editing a task you press button “create a reminder”, we create an event with reminder in addition to your task. As the result you have the task with reminder.

Why can’t I sync event to several devices?

The answer is the same as in the question “I added an event in Day by Day app, but cannot see it in Google web interface on my PC (”. Check if calendar synchronization is turned on on your devices and make sure that events are not attached to developer’s default calendar. Such calendars can have names like “PC Sync”, “My Calendar”, etc.

Why some contacts have double birthdays?

Birthdays in our app are taken from two sources:

  1. Special calendar “Birthdays and events of contacts”;
  2. Address book on you device.

You can easily discover the source by clicking on the birthday you are interested in: it opens, and you see if it’s a special calendar or address book contact.

You can turn off calendar “Birthdays and events of contacts” in app settings or turn off the option “Show birthdays”. If you turn off the latest, birthdays from your device address book won’t be visible.

If you keep your phone in hand, more preferable way would be the first one. It would show birthdays from your address book. Press “birthday” and you’ll be able to open contact, give a call and congratulate your acquaintance.

What are the pros of PRO version and individual feature sets?

PRO version has the following functions (after demo mode is over):

  1. text month widget, week widget - Android 4.1+ supported;
  2. ability to use different calendar profiles in widgets and the app;
  3. invitations for calendar events and check of guest list;
  4. Tasker app is supported for better business management. E.g. you can have a task reminder to go off when you come to work;
  5. subtasks or todo lists in your events and tasks to write down business ideas or daily routine;
  6. rich set of options for recurrent tasks;
  7. priority in tasks to differentiate between more and less important business or routine tasks;
  8. users can share text information from another app with Day by Day calendar, for example, when creating task or event (full version only);
  9. no ads.

In case you don't need all the features mentioned above but would like to have some of them, you're welcome to get an individual feature set.

The app doesn't sync properly.

Check access to internet.

First of all please check the settings in your device (your Google account). There must be two options checked for sync - Calendar and Day by Day. Make sure the account is turned on as active in the left menu of Day by Day app.

Secondly, open left sliding menu in Day by Day settings -> section Active calendar -> make sure the calendars you need are checked for visibility.

Tasks section - the account must be selected.

Check the right sliding menu as well - there are calendars and task list to turn on. Here you can read more about the right sliding menu and profiles.

If you press on pencil icon in front of calendars in the right sliding menu, you can check sync of calendars over there too. Do the same with the section Task lists in the right menu.

In case that doesn't solve the problem, open default calendar app in your device and check if the calendar is checked for visibility over there. Sometimes (on some devices) default calendar do have influence, try to check them on/off and see if that has any difference on sync in Day by Day app as well.

Reminder doesn’t go off.

  1. Turn off the reminder in the device default calendar app and other third-party calendar apps.
  2. Make sure that reminders are turned on in Day by Day as well as the device settings.
  3. Make sure the option “silent” is NOT turned on (instead of ringtone) in “Select ringtone’ settings.
  4. Put mark in a checkbox in the Settings - section Active Calendars.

I currently have multiple recurring tasks set up but when I check one off, the task for the following week completely disappears in day by day instead of becoming unlocked in day by day and appearing in Google calendar.

As far as Google Tasks service doesn't allow you to create recurrent tasks, we implemented this function by our means (which is available only in Day by Day app, though the tasks are visible in web interface also). So if you mark one task (in the sequence of tasks) as completed in web interface, all other repeating tasks disappear.

To check off a single task and keep the rest of the recurrent tasks, you should check the task off in the app (not the web inteface).

If you have already checked off one task in web interface and the rest of tasks disappeared, put the checkoff mark away in web interface and mark your tasks as completed one by one in Day by Day app.

Widget disappears from my Samsung Galaxy S4 after every update.

That's the problem of Android on Samsung devices. Other apps (not only Day by Day Organizer) have to deal with this problem as well. The bug is described on Samsung official forum and keeps being unfixed since April, 2014.

Although the same might happen to non-Samsung devices. Most probably it's caused by launchers. Standard Samsung launcher is TouchWiz. Try to change it, but don't use launchers from the list below (next question).

Text month and text week widgets are displayed incorrectly.

Week and month widgets are not displayed on some devices, it is caused by incorrect launcher performance. Some devices have widgets displayed but a bug comes up periodically (the same reason). In such a case the widget should be deleted (until the launcher bug is fixed).

At the moment we’re aware of the incorrect performance of the following launchers:

  • Launche8
  • Next Launcher 3D (version 3.10)
  • 360 Launcher (version 5.5.1)
  • Dodol Launcher (version 1.1.2079)
  • Lenovo Launcher (version 3.3.10_0585)
  • ZenUI (version Unfortunately, we couldn’t check it. Most probably it has to do only with ASUS devices)

Solution – we informed developers of the launchers (except Lenovo Launcher - couldn't find the way to contact them), but we don’t know when the bug will be fixed. Please, change the launcher until launcher developers fix the bug.

If you have come across such a bug, please, let us know what device model, Android version, launcher you have. Screenshot would be great! Our email -

How do I create a new task list?

As far as the app syncs data from your Google Tasks, you can create/edit/delete a task list in web interface. To do that go to your Google Calendar (using your account). In the right bottom corner you’ll find the option “Actions”, right under that there’s an icon (“Switch list”). Click on this icon to manage your task lists.

How to differentiate between birthdays, tasks and events in text month view?

  1. Birthdays - simple text, default color.
  2. Tasks - always have checkboxes.
  3. Events - font has the color of the calendar they are attached to. If an event lasts whole day or several days, it has a background (the font color is the color of the calendar).

Cannot change the widget size.

Tap long on the widget till it gets highlighted, then stretch it with your fingers according to the size you need.

How do I get rid of default notifications?

Go to your online Google Calendar -> Calendar setting -> Reminders and Notifications -> Event reminders -> remove reminders.

Why can’t I change calendar while editing an event?

Standard calendar doesn’t have such an option, so there will be no synchronization of such an event. If Android makes up this feature, we’ll make it possible as well.

Why do tasks sync one-way?

Most probably the time zone of the device is set incorrectly. It’s necessary to check time and time zone.

How to integrate Tasker in Day by Day app?

  1. In Tasker click “+” to add a Profile.
  2. Choose e.g. Location (if you want a reminder to pop up when you come to a certain place).
  3. Enter address.
  4. Enter Context Name and New Task.
  5. Click “+” to add an Action.
  6. Type "task" in filter field.
  7. Click pencil icon (it will send you to Day by Day app).
  8. Enter task name and description (subtasks), save.
  9. You can see how the reminder would look like by pressing the arrow icon on the left lower corner.